Software Tester- SDET Course

The SDET course is a comprehensive training program designed for those who want to specialize in both manual and automated software testing

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Application Deadline: 22.10.2024

  • Level: Beginner

  • Total Session: 1920

  • Total Weeks: 46

  • Total Modules: 7

  • Languages: Turkish, Russian, English, German

Our SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) Course is specifically designed for software test engineers. SDETs ensure the accuracy and quality of software products using automated tools. Participants will acquire knowledge in automation, coding, software development, testing processes, and tools. The course teaches advanced testing techniques and provides opportunities to apply them in real-world scenarios. This course offers an excellent opportunity for those aiming to build a career in software testing. Our SDET Course helps participants take a significant step forward in their careers.
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What you will need?

Developing effective tests requires analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities to identify potential issues and edge cases.

As part of the development team, strong communication and collaboration skills are essential to work seamlessly with developers and other stakeholders.
What you will not need?

While beneficial, prior testing experience is not required. We'll cover testing concepts from scratch.

While you'll work with code, you don't need to be a seasoned programmer. Our program will guide you through relevant coding practices.
Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) is involved in building a strong foundation related to manual and automation testing. This course will be helpful for you to acquire some global certification credentials all the way through the ISTQB, as well as Java OCA SE8 certifications. You will have the opportunity to learn how the frontend and backend stages of a software are tested using widely used testing tools in the market such as Selenium, TestNG, Cucumber-JUnit, Postman, JDBC, and RestAssured. It will be helpful for you to prepare yourself against any technical competencies for getting an excellent job in this superior market. In simple terms, you can embark on your career being a software tester or as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET).

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The course will have a flexible structure that can vary week by week to accommodate the learning content being covered. However, a typical week of the course involves certain activities and content. It should be noted that the course is available in a modular format for those who cannot follow the schedule described below. From Monday till Friday- 5 days in a week. Project work with instructor is between 18:00-22:00.
Lessons 1
Self Learning 13:15 - 16:45 13:15 - 16:45 13:15 - 16:45 13:15 - 16:45 13:15 - 16:45
Live Class (Online) 18:00 - 22:00 18:00 - 22:00 18:00 - 22:00 18:00 - 22:00 18:00 - 22:00

Module of the Course

This bootcamp focuses on a specific set of tools designed to work together to transform you into a versatile and influential test automation engineer. After mastering the core toolset for Java fundamentals, you will learn programming languages such as Selenium, TestNG, Cucumber, and others.

Software Tester- SDET Course

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In this module, you will lay a solid foundation in test automation by learning the Java programming language. You will be able to construct test automation quickly and efficiently because to Java's robust and flexible structure. In this subject, you will study the Java programming language's core structures, data types, loops, conditional expressions, and more. You will also learn how Java may be utilized in test automation. In the following sections, we will build on this foundation by focusing on how to create real-world test scenarios.
The purpose of SDLC training is to equip SDETs with a strong ability to collaborate with team-mates. Another important objective of the module is to teach SDETs the principles of software quality. The main project of the course is also included in this module.
UI Testing Automation
The purpose of the Test Automation module is to equip SDETs with the ability to create frameworks from scratch for testing web-based applications using the Selenium tool and its components. TestNG and Cucumber-Junit frameworks are two framework structures that will be taught for user interface testing within the module.
Backend Testing
The purpose of Backend Testing module is to equip SDETs with the ability of making Database Testing and API Testing using Java and related tools such as Postman and database management programs
The purpose of this module is to provide fundamental knowledge about widely used tools in the industry and make participants more competitive in the job search process.
ISTQB & OCA SE8 Exam Prep.
The purpose of this module is to prepare SDETs for the ISTQB and OCA SE8 exams.
In this module, our learners will get the opportunity to put their training into reality by working in a workplace as professional test engineers. This part will assist our learners in putting their knowledge into practice and gaining real-world experience. Our students will get the opportunity to put their newly acquired abilities to use by completing an internship in a real-world setting selected by our trainers. This subject provides a good opportunity for our trainees to distinguish themselves in their careers as test engineers. At the end of the internship, they will also receive a certificate of completion, in addition to the certificate offered by our companies. When our trainees complete this module, they will be able to apply the skills they have learned and be ready for work in the field of test engineering by working as test engineer in a real workplace.

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We design students' career paths from the ground up. We prepare them for work by following a systematic program that includes everything from selecting the right course to providing quality education and teaching soft skills.

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Students who complete the course and pass the final exam successfully will be eligible to receive a certificate. The document testifies to future or potential employers the acquisition of precise coding skills in accordance with the selected course. Expect this to become a staple of your tech-related CV or professional profile.


Got Any Questions?

Anyone can attend the course without any prior knowledge or experience. Both beginners and those looking to enhance their existing skills are welcome.

The course content covers a wide range from fundamental programming concepts to advanced software development skills. You will learn programming languages, databases, web development, mobile app development, and much more.

In the last month of your training, we will work on your personal interview and technical interview. Technical mock interviews will be our last exercise to prepare you for your real interviews. After the bootcamp, we keep in touch with our graduates on our discord channel. In this channel, we actively communicate about job opportunities and interview experiences. You can also find the announcements of our upskills courses for market needs and you can also participate in these courses.

Our bootcamp can be financed by the Agentur für Arbeit and the JobCenter with Bildungsgutshein. In addition, private payments and installment options are available. Do not hesitate to contact us.

During the bootcamp, each student can prepare for the job search process step by step with his/her own account through the training portal on our website Of course you will not be alone in this process, your career coach will help you every step of the way. For more information see

We arrange and document a 15-day internship program in a designated company in Germany.

Any computer from the last five years (4GB RAM and SDD Harddisk) will be sufficient for the SDET course. 4GB of RAM may be enough to get you started, but in the later parts of the course you will need 8GB of RAM.

All programming languages are used in the SDET field. In the first 12.5 weeks of the course you will learn the basics of the Java programming language. Then you will learn how to test using Java libraries. The Java taught in the course easily covers the code knowledge required for testing. However, continuously improving your code knowledge will make you a better tester. You will also learn the JavaScript programming language at a basic level.

The course includes a special preparation period for two internationally recognized certification exams, one in Testing (ISTQB Foundation Level Exam) and one in Java (OCA Java 8 SE Exam).


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