How to Become an SDET and What is an SDET?

he software industry is constantly inundated with new technologies, methodologies, and is evolving with trends. This is also software development and testing requires new skills and roles. One of these roles is de SDET, i.e. Software Development Engineer in Test (Software Development Test Engineer). So what is SDET, what does it do and how to become one? This In the blog post, the definition, role, responsibilities of SDET, we will tell them about their skills, their education, their job opportunities and their future. Read on to find out everything you need to know about SDET.

What is SDET

SDET, Software Development Engineer in Test (Yazılım Geliştirme Test Engineer). SDET is both software development and software is an engineer who specializes in testing. SDET, the quality of the software conducts both manual and automated tests to provide, also test improves tools and frameworks.

Why is SDET Important?

SDET is involved in every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) Gets. SDET, requirements analysis, design, coding, testing and maintenance contributes to processes such as. SDET, the functional and functional of the software tests non-features, performance, security, evaluates criteria such as usability and accessibility. SDET plays a very important role in the software industry today. Because: SDET, developer and Tester to improve the quality of the software acts as a bridge between. SDET allows developers to improve code quality while helping them improve the testing process of the Testers helps them speed it up. SDET, complex and dynamic software have the necessary technical skills to test their systems. SDET, different programming languages, databases, APIs, web services, Testing using technologies such as mobile apps, cloud services create and execute scenarios. SDET, continuous integration (CI) and modern software development methodologies such as continuous delivery (CD) adaptable. SDET, fast and frequent software with test automation ensures that it is delivered in the same way.

Skills, Training and Job Opportunities to Become a SDET What Skills Do You Need to Become a SDET? If you want to become an SDET, you need to have the following skills: Must:

  • Programming

    Have a good command of at least one programming language to become an SDET you should. One of the popular languages such as Java, Python, C#, Ruby You can choose. Programming skills, test automation and Enables you to develop testing tools.

  • Test:

    You can do both manual and automatic testing to become SDET Must. To improve the functionality of the software with manual testing and the user Verify the experience. If you are with automatic testing of the software you can measure its performance, security, and stability.

  • Testing tools:

    Familiar with different testing tools to become SDET you should. Testing tools streamline your testing process and increases your productivity. Selenium WebDriver, Appium, JMeter, Postman, You can learn about popular testing tools such as cucumber..

  • Test frameworks:

    Different test frameworks to become SDET You should be able to use it. Test frameworks organize your test code and helps with reporting. JUnit, TestNG, PyTest, RSpec You can learn popular test frameworks such as

  • Test design:

    Test design techniques to become a SDET you should know. Test design techniques to determine your test scope and helps you optimize your test scenarios. Limit value analysis, such as equivalent class partitioning, decision table, state machine learn test design techniques.

  • Database Information:

    Many software applications work with databases interacts. Understand database queries and database It is important to be able to perform the tests. SQL or NoSQL databases you can learn. Tools and technologies: different tools and technologies to become SDET It is important that you can use the technologies. Test management tools, test Plan your plan, manage your test cases, and track bugs helps you do it. Test management such as JIRA, TestRail, Zephyr tools.

What Training Should You Take to Become a SDET?

It will be useful to get some training to become an SDET. These: University or college-level computer science or software degree in engineering. Test automation training: Test automation tools and you can get training on their frameworks. Programming training: Minimum Course or online training to learn a programming language you can get it. Test engineering education: Test design and test management subjects. Test certifications: International You can prove your skills by obtaining recognised test certificates. Örnek olarak ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certificate.

SDET Job Opportunities

Job opportunities for SDETs are quite extensive. SDETs software industry, finance, healthcare, e-commerce, game development, as well as many they can work in the industry. Employers often use software from SDETs improve their quality, optimize their testing processes, and they expect them to ensure that the software is delivered quickly. Jobs you can work in as an SDET: Test Engineer, Automation Engineer, Performance Engineer, Safety Test Engineer, Process A Development Specialist can be listed as a CI/CD Engineer. Those who work as SDET, by participating in software development projects, test creating plans, writing automated test cases, bugs they contribute by following and improving the quality of the software.


SDET is an engineering specialization in software development and testing role. To improve software quality, optimize testing processes, and It is important to deliver the software quickly. To become SDET have skills such as programming, testing, testing tools, test frameworks you should. You can also obtain the appropriate trainings and test certificates You can improve yourself by doing so. As SDET, in many different sectors you can find work and contribute to software projects.